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Installing CCP4-6.5 with the i2 GUI

Mac OS X



ccp4-6.5-i2 packages synced on 23 Mar 2015

Updating CCP4-6.5 with the i2 GUI

The ccp4-6.5-i2 distribution supersets the standard ccp4-6.5 distribution available from CCP4 Downloads. Accordingly, the extended distribution has two independent update systems. The first system is the same as for the standard distribution. The second system provides the fast track updates for i2 GUI only.

To fully update the ccp4-6.5-i2 installation you will need to apply both sets of updates:
Alternatively, update your ccp4-6.5 + i2 installation from the command line, e.g.

/Applications/ccp4-6.5/bin/ccp4um -auto

Note: the full path is only needed if ccp4 setup scripts are not sourced.

Updates Tracker - notes for developers

Developers, who want to release updates to their software via ccp4 updates, are encouraged to provide required information using Tracker updates. (E-mail communication is of course possible as well).

Please initialise a new update request (press Submit New tab, which is just under the yellow Tracker tab), and then
Once all this information is in place, the core group will know what to pull or merge from trunk to the release branch. In addition, the items marked by (+) in the above list will appear in the update manager and on-line.

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